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Race Car Hearts : Yearbook Sessions:

In January 2014 Race Car Hearts embarked on a year-long journey via ‘Yearbook Sessions’ - a collection of unique recordings released on the first day of each month. One new single backed with three other songs under the theme of Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.


Something Old: Revisit some of Chris' past material - tracks from his previous bands THIRST, ZUMA, and THE MINOR FALLS will feature here.


Something New: A brand new RCH song each month.


Something Borrowed: Each month Chris will cover a song by some of his favourite artists...look out for a few surprises!


Something Blue: These tracks will feature a mix of unfinished songs/ideas, instrumental pieces, and collaborations...


The monthly limited edition releases have now sold out, but you can buy all 12 of the 'Something New' tracks on one CD album for £12 - see below:





Yearbook Sessions available to purchase below. Payment via PAYPAL, includes FREE postage!

Yearbook Sessions :


1. Ghosts & Shadows

2. Winterbird

3. Little Romeos

4. Magnets (4am)

5. Injured Love

6. Turn The Brightness Down

7. Keep Us Fixed

8. All Or Nothing

9. The Anchorman

10. Boy Beautiful

11. Handle With Care

12. Life In Years


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